Aqua Kristal water care set


Aqua Kristal water care set for whirlpool.

Everything is beautifully and practically packed in a plastic bucket.

Necessary and easy-to-use water treatment to supplement ozone disinfection with low chlorine.

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How does Aqua Kristal work?

Aqua Kristal is an eco-friendly combo product for water treatment in your spa and all this with a minimum of chlorine. The Aqua Kristal ensures that you only have to add a small amount of care product to your whirlpool. Aqua Kristal is biodegradable and therefore well tolerated by the environment.

With Aqua Kristal you keep your spa water clear and pure with little effort.

The addition of Aqua Kristal once a week prevents a biofilm, the breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, from depositing and forming a resistant film. Aqua Kristal also dissolves already deposited biofilm of whirlpool and piping. The dissolved bacteria and germs can be eliminated with a little disinfectant and your ozonator or ion device.

This biological care is a good option, because other whirlpool cleaners can only kill the bacteria on the surface of the biofilm.

The germs that exist deeper in the biofilm can continue to multiply unhindered. In addition, too much chlorine damages the environment and causes irritation to humans and material.

Aqua Kristal tended water is clear, clean, has a pleasantly fresh fragrance and keeps your skin soft. Due to the reduced chlorine use, you will further save your pool, neck pillow, filters and the whirlpool cover.


Everything is beautifully and practically packed in a plastic bucket

2 x 1 liter bottles of Aqua Kristal (higher than Aquafiness)

1 chlorine TAB 90/20 18 pcs.

1 dispenser (for chlorine tablets 90/20)

1 measuring cup for exact mixing

1 microfibre cloth


Shake the Aqua Kristal bottle well before use.

Add Aqua Kristal to the whirlpool with the supplied measuring cup (weekly - according to the quantity indicated on the bottle)

Stop the pumps for 2 minutes.

With chlorine tablets:

Place the enclosed disperser on the filter element with a chlorine tablet 90/20. The dispenser with the chlorine tablet must always be below the water surface. Subsequent dosing: Place one tablet in donor every five to seven days.

Clean your spa filter once a week

With chlorine granules:

Initial dosage: dissolve two to three scoops in a beaker of water and then add to the whirlpool water. Post-dose: Add one to two scoops after each pool run.

Clean your spa filter once a week

Repeat steps 1-5 weekly

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